Client   Testimonials

Thank you so much for memorializing Pebbles in such a special way!

-Maria M., Benicia, CA

Thank you for your work on June's painting, I can't tell you how much pleasure I get from looking at it everyday! I've studied her now for 4 years and she's not an easy cat to get to know, that's why I'm amazed you were able to capture her essence from just the photograph and short time that you've observed her. It's a sensibility that I don't have, you do, and I'm very grateful for it!

- Joe A., Santa Rosa, CA

I have Charlie the Rooster in my kitchen and

he really rules "the roost" here!  You have

captured his authority and superior nature

wonderfully!  You worked with me diligently to get the right look.  I loved your marvelous use of color.  His comb, wattle and beak are painted to perfection.  He is quite magnificent!


-Elaine D., Sacramento, CA 

I am looking at Robbie Rabbit in my bathroom

area.  I see him everyday and he gives me a warm,

comfy feeling.  You used the colors beautifully so

that he blends in with my wall color perfectly.  I

love your attention to detail and how you caught

the warmth in his eyes.  His heart shaped nose is delightful.  


-Elaine D., Sacramento, CA

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